Price: CHF 175,00  CHF 157,50

    Enamelled Cast Iron Pot 5 Litres

    The perfect solution when making fondue, risotto, polenta, goulash and soups. Can be placed on the grill ring / grill rack.

    We have been searching a long time to find a manufacturer capable of adding an enamel coating on the inside of a cast iron pot. This unique product gives the user the advantage of easy cleaning. After use, the pot is left to cool down which then easily allows the removal of any dirt left inside the pot. It relieves the user the tedious chore of scrubbing the pots after use and at the same time guarantees the inside stays rust-free. After use, please lightly rub in some oil on the outside and store inside.

    enamelled, solid and durable

    capacity: 5 litres

    Including lid

    If you want to use the casting pot with a hanging device, we recommend the separately available chain set.