Fire Bowl/Grill Ring ø 124 Anthracite

Price: CHF 5'980,00

    Steel Fire Bowl with Grill Ring ø 124 cm Anthracite

    The grill ring cooking ledge makes life much easier when entertaining. Forget the long wait for glowing embers. Just fire up with wood and within minutes the cooking ledge is hot and ready for use. Your guests can gather around the fire bowl, cook at their leisure and grilling becomes a social event.

    NEW: Integrated Ventilation System

    Our fire bowl with grill ring now has an integrated ventilation system. With the infinitely adjustable steel ventilation ring, they always ensure the perfect oxygen supply, optimal combustion and thus minimal smoke and odor development.

    A Healthier Way of Grilling

    The grill ring cooking ledge, as well as the churrasco corrugated metal panel, prevent any fat dripping into the embers. This guarantees healthy grilling directly over the flames and no poisonous fumes.

    Grate System

    The grate system provides all three fire bowl models with an additional cooking level. It includes a swivel arm, a height adjustable round grate of ø 55 and the popular churrasco corrugated metal panel. The swivel arm can also be combined with the roasting basket system.

    Pizza Oven Ledge Insert

    Combine this fire bowl with the brand new versatile pizza oven ledge which allows you to bake pizzas, bread and gratins.

    Integrated Ash Pot

    NEW: The ash pot enables an easy and straightforward way to collect and dispose of any ashes.


    Here you will find suitable stainless steel lids and an interesting assortment of accessories and extensions to match your fire bowl with grill ring > Accessories & Extensions

    10-Year Grillland Guarantee

    We give a 10-year Grillland guarantee on this product.

    Costs of installation and assembly

    Due weekly swisswide delvieries we are able to offer you installation and assembly for a special price of CHF 220 if you shoud wish so. Exceptions are the cantons of Wallis, Tessin, Graubünden and Tessin: CHF 320


    Technical Specifications

    grill ring width: 34 cm

    diameter of opening: 56 cm

    material thickness of bowl: 8 mm

    material thickness of grill ring: 10 mm
raised inner floor: 6 mm
overall height: 71 cm
    diameter base ring: 480 mm
weight 333 kg