Fire Bowl Grill Ring

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The grill ring is a revolutionary new lifestyle of grilling. Forget the long wait for glowing embers. Just fire up with wood and within minutes the cooking ledge is hot and ready for use. Everybody can gather around the fire bowl and grilling becomes a social event and lets you have more time to focus on your guests.

This unparalleled grilling experience creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. There is no time limit, as the fire can be kept going for as long as it is needed. The cooking ledge is very versatile – the sky is the limit! It is perfect for cooking meat, vegetables and raclette directly on its surface. You can cook meals prepared in pots and pans, make coffee or even prepare a fondue.

The insertable half-ring ledge made up of chamotte bricks, makes it possible to bake delicious pizzas, lasagne and gratins – anything which needs upper and lower heat.

Through mounting the swivel arm, one can cook roasts in a basket and make roast chicken on a spit. Another ingenious possibility is to add the cooking grate which enables you to grill directly over the fire at 800° without any risk of burning the meat. A perfect way to cooking filet and steaks, keeping the meat juicy, tender and succulent. The specially developed churrasco grate prevents the drippings from landing directly into the fire and embers and prevents the production of poisonous fumes. There is a removable ash pot for easy disposal of the ashes.

Forget the long wait for glowing embers

The cooking ledge makes usage so much easier. Forget the long wait for embers and just fire up with wood. Within minutes the cooking ledge is hot and ready for use.


We offer a ten-year guarantee for our top quality goods!

This grill ring stands in a league of its own.

Our grill ring has an inward inclination. Compared to a straight grill ring, this has the advantage that excess fat and liquids can simply drain off inwards.

NEW: Integrated Ash Pot

The ash pot enables an easy and straightforward way to collect and dispose of any ashes.

Grate System

The grate system provides the fire bowl with an additional cooking level. The swivel arm can be easily mounted into the welded socket. The churrasco corrugated metal panel offers the advantage of being able to grill directly over the flames at 800° without any risk of burning the meat. The bent panels cut through the flames and only the heat and aroma are let through. The meat lies on the shoulder of the panels which collects any excess fat which then evaporates. No poisonous fumes. No health issues. The meat turns out tender, juicier and succulent. The flavour is one of its kind.

One does not have to wait for glowing embers. You only have to fire up and wait for the flames which takes about ten to fifteen minutes.

Cleaning is easy and straightforward. The burnt leftovers on the grate are simply brushed off with the provided inox brush.

Pizza Oven Ledge Insert

The insertable pizza oven ledge is a highlight for enthusiastic bakers. Plaited loaf, bread, pizza and gratins are easily prepared - Suitable for usage for the fire bowls with a diameter of 104 and 124.


NEU: Belüftungsschieber, Windfang und Brotback-Hitzeschild

Mit dem Belüftungsschieber erhalten Sie die Möglichkeit die Luftzufuhr zu regulieren und der Windfang schützt beim Grillieren mit Wind vor Funkenflug. Mit dem Brotback Hitzeschild lässt sich auch bei hohen Temperaturen backen, der Schild schützt die Backwaren vor Verbrennungen.


Suitable stainless steel lids, andirons, ash scrapers, PVC tarpaulins and other useful accessories are also available.


The andiron lets the user place the pieces of wood vertically into the fire pit. This ensures that air may circulate under the firewood, allowing better burning and less smoke.

Stainless Steel Lids

This 2mm high grade quality stainless steel lid can easily be placed on top of the fire pit, even when it is still hot. It automatically smothers the fire and no sparks and glowing ember can escape. It provides excellent all-weather protection (rain and snow) and keeps the inside of the fire bowl clean and dry. It is also, in itself, quite versatile. When mounted on the three stainless steel legs it converts into an elegant side table.