Fire BowlsAccessories


Wall thickness of the fireball steel 10 mm - The heart

Competitors offer 3 - 6 mm

Hemispheres up to 6 mm are produced using a cost-effective printing process. Disadvantage: Due to the low material thickness, the hemisphere can quickly deform if overheated, which means that the grill ring would no longer lie flat. A production with a wall thickness of 10 mm is only possible in the deep-drawing process, with a press of 400 tons of pressing force. This makes it impossible for the hemisphere to deform due to overheating.


Ventilation and temperature controller

Less smoke and smell

Our fire bowl with grill ring now has an integrated ventilation system. With the infinitely adjustable ventilation ring, you can regulate the temperature of the grill ring, always ensure the perfect supply of oxygen, optimal combustion and thus minimal smoke and odor development.

Massive 8 mm ventilation ring with 4 adjustable sliders with M8 thumbscrews for locking. To open and close completely.

Take 1 minute. In our short video we demonstrate the difference between closed and open ventilation and temperature controls.


Grill ring with pressed-in slope

Longer lifespan and easier cleaning

Our grill ring has an inwardly pressed inclination. As a result, the excess liquid drains inwards when grilling. The most important thing is that even when not in use, rainwater or condensation cannot remain under the lid and does not lead to rusting. With a flat grill ring, the liquid from the grilled food remains, forms a crust and is therefore more difficult to clean.


Ash Bucket

Easy emptying of the ash

The ash bucket can be easily lifted out of the ground and emptied by hand or with the fire scraper. The lid keeps the inside of the bucket dry.


Expansion options

Details on all of the following products can be found in the Accessories & Extensions section.


INOX cover/lid with rim

The lid is made of INOX with a thickness of 2 mm and has a welded edge. The rainwater drips off the edge. Capillary effect excluded. The inside stays dry and the grill ring is protected from weather and corrosion. The edge and the heavy weight keep the lid on the fireball even in wind and storms. The heat-resistant bands on the inside ensure that the lid does not lie directly on the grill ring. The lid also has a slight elevation in the middle, which ensures that the water runs off.

Even a burning fire can be immediately extinguished and secured with this lid. The embers inside suffocate and there can be no flying sparks in the wind.

With the additionally available table legs with struts, the INOX cover creates an elegant sideboard.


Pizza oven insert

For everything that requires top and bottom heat, such as pizza, bread, gratins, oven meat loaf, etc.


Grill grate system

The fire bowl with grill ring can be expanded to include an additional grill level with the grill grate system that fits all sizes: consisting of the swivel arm, which can be easily attached and removed again using a welded-on tube bracket.

The churrasco grill insert in the grill grate offers many advantages: We grill directly over the flames at 800° - and without the risk of burning the meat. The angled fins break the flames. Only the heat and the taste come up between the slats. The meat lies on the shoulders of the slats, the fat drips into the catch channel of the slats and evaporates there: no unhealthy dripping of fat into the embers. The Grillladen are much juicier and wonderfully crispy with a roasted aroma.

Since you only need flames and do not have to wait for the embers, you are ready to use after 10-15 minutes of firing. Easy cleaning is guaranteed: Burn off the residues burnt onto the grate and brush off the last traces with the stainless steel cleaning brush that comes with it.


Roasting basket system

As an extension to the grill grate system. For larger pieces such as chicken, roasts, gigots, up to 6 kg, which receive even all-round heat through the motor rotation.


Pan holder

All kinds of pots and pans can be attached to the pan holder. Only possible in connection with the swivel arm.


Add-on table with meat board

Fastened via the swivel arm bracket and with a diameter of ø 45 cm, the extension table offers you a spacious, stable and practical shelf or work surface for preparing your grilled food directly on the fireball. Below there is an additional storage space for oils, marinades, spices, for example.



Heavy weather coming? You can also solve this problem with the flame-retardant umbrella (according to safety standard B1). Weight about 8 kg. More information will follow!



Attached to the pipe bracket, the windbreak proves to be a great help in strong winds and prevents flying sparks. Available in INOX or steel.


Trolley/Transportation Aid

Available in steel or stainless steel to match the color of the fire bowl. 3-5 heavy-duty stainless steel castors with a stop function allow the fire bowl to be moved. With the fire scratcher, the fire bowl can be moved even when it is hot.


Half grill ring/half grill grate

The best of both worlds! Side dishes and vegetables on the grill ring, meat and sausages on the grill, just like in the old days.


More handy accessories for your grill ring

  • Heat Shield INOX 

    When used with the pizza oven, you can also bake at high heat and protect your bread from burns.

  • Pizza Peel Pizzaiolo INOX 

    The INOX/stainless steel pizza peel is the perfect tool for every pizzaiolo and the ideal accessory for your pizza oven use.

  • Spatula for the grill ring
    Extremely helpful for handling smaller items to be grilled (e.g. pieces of vegetables, sliced meat, shrimp) and for cleaning the grill ring.

  • Grillring Thermometer 

    Determine the exact temperature on the grill ring and in the pizza oven from a safe distance.

  • Heat-resistant Glove
    For safe handling of burning wood, hot pans and pots, ventilation ring.

  • Cleaning brush with scraper
    For easy cleaning of the grill ring.

  • INOX Ash Scraper 

    The right instrument to handle the burning pieces of wood correctly and, above all, safely.

  • Andiron
    When firing up and when there is already a lot of embers in the ball, it ensures sufficient oxygen supply and thus a better fire and less smoke development.